Revolutionary Clean Air Technology Patented in 2018

No NOx Box® Patent US9963111-B1-1
Patent#: US9963111-B1
After five years of research and testing, the inventors of the No NOx Box® and founders of Harmoniks Inc. were granted a United States Patent March 8 2018 for their revolutionary composite material that lowers toxic emissions and increases fuel efficacy on all types of combustion engines. What makes this material so unique is that it requires no batteries or plug-in power source and begins to work instantly when in proximity to combustion engines using petroleum-based fuel.  Harmoniks Inc1. is now gearing up for the official launch of their first product to utilize this new material in 2019, the No NOx Box®2. how-no-nox-box-works The material has been shown to improve performance of engines during tests by accredited facilities in the United States and abroad, as well as by other independent sources. One such accredited test was performed by Environmental Quality Management Inc.3 in Ohio that showed astonishing results lowering the emissions from propane burning forklifts4. EPA standard test protocols FTP-75 were used by Automotive Testing & Development Services Inc.5 in Southern California to show improved gas mileage and the reduction of harmful carbon emissions on a pristine 2003 Ford Ranger6. A Bosch service & teaching center in Granada Spain7 performed numerous testings showing reduction in emissions and even increased horsepower8 when using the No NOx Box®! With climate change and the impact to health that air pollution causes on the fore-front of geopolitical concerns, the innovation incorporated into the No NOx Box® offers a low cost & simple solution to air pollution. The World Health Organization estimates 7 million people die each year from air pollution9 that could be reduced if the No NOx Box® can be successfully introduced to commercial & industrial markets, as well as municipal programs. Preliminary research done with the material on industrial boilers, power generators, and even large cargo ships that use bunker fuel has been very promising. Harmoniks inc. is excited to help reduce the pollution on the planet and aid in economizing fuel consumption utilizing this revolutionary invention. Production has begun on products for public consumption utilizing the material and are scheduled for official launch in 2019. Research and development is on-going for future generations of the C.E.E.E.DTM technology for even more dramatic reduction of pollution and savings on gas.  Current generations of the No NOx Box average a 50% reduction in nitrous oxides (NOx) and 10% better fuel economy versus the factory rating of most consumer & commercial vehicles. No NOx Box® will be available at retailers online and in selection locations in the United States in 2019 Links: US Patent 9963111-B1 |
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