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The No NOx Box® requires no external power, wires, or special tools for installation. Simply secure the device with 3 feet (1 meter) of the fuel or engine, and the No NOx Box® subtly tunes the electromagnetic energy emitted from the engine to help burn fuel cleaner and run more efficient.The average reported reduction in NOx (Nitrous Oxides) is 50% with a fuel savings of 7% when using the No NOx Box®!




Revolutionary Clean Air Technology Patented in 2018

Patent#: US9963111-B1 After five years of research and testing, the inventors of the No NOx Box® and founders of Harmoniks Inc ...
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No NOx Box®

Now Open! The No NOx Box® Blog!

Welcome to No NOx Box® Blog! Here is where the developers of the No NOx Box® will publish pieces on ...
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Reduce NOx & Improve Performance of any Engine with No Nox Box (after market fuel device)! The No Nox Box uses wireless nanotechnology to deliver revolutionary reductions in emissions on all types of combustion engines. Reduced emissions helps the environment & means cleaner burning fuel.
"The study, "Unprocessed atmospheric nitrate in waters of the Northern Forest Region in the USA and Canada," was published this week in the journal Environmental Science & Technology."

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No NOx Box the "Air Pollution Solution"

[After five years of research and testing, the inventors of the No NOx Box® and founders of Harmoniks Inc. where granted a United States Patent March 2018 for their revolutionary composite material that lowers toxic emissions and increases fuel efficacy on all types of combustion engines. What makes this material so unique is that it requires no batteries or plug-in power source and begins to work instantly when in proximity to combustion engines using petroleum-based fuel. Harmoniks Inc. is now gearing up for the official launch of their first product to utilize this new material in 2019, the No NOx Box®]

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"Toyota therefore views hybrids as having the more positive environmental impact because replacing 1.5 million gas guzzlers with hybrids means a much lower carbon footprint than 28,000 full electric vehicles would."

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A bit about the patent and development history of the No NOx BOx®
"On more congested routes, the cyclist would come out with the lowest inhaled dose,’” said James Tate, at the University of Leeds. Segregated cycle lanes would reduce cyclists’ exposure, even more, he said, with a distance of even a meter or two from traffic cutting particles by about a quarter"

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"The World Health Organization estimates more than 40% of the burden of environmentally related disease and about 90% of the burden of climate change is borne by children under the age of 5"

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